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User's guide

  • On any page except the Home choose a collection from the collections section in the left menu; select a publication from the list.
  • On the Home page select the publication from the list of titles (at first choose the alphabet), region on the interactive map, or specific date that you are interested in.
  • On any page except the Home choose the publication from the list of titles, specific date or period, region(s) from the list of publication places, language(s) from the list of languages; any number of filters can be used at a time. Manage the obtained results by adding or disabling filters and sorting the list.
  • Choose a title from the full list of publications that appears after clicking on Advanced search on the Home page or after clicking on Browse all at the beginning of publication list on any page except the Home.
  • Browse list of all the issues on the page of selected publication by clicking on the image or Available issues and choose specific issue.
  • Select the issue by the specific date or from the list for period by using interactive calendars.
  • View issues in browser by clicking on the icon of a specific issue, you can zoom in and out the picture.
  • In the browser choose an article from the Table of contents or directly on the image to view full (recognized) text. Please note, that quality of OCR almost never reaches 100% and depends on many factors, including the print quality, physical condition of the original and so on. Go to the next or previous issue using the upper left menu.
  • Type a word or phrase in the text search box, from the list appeared select a needed item that contains the headline, publication title, number and date of the issue, page number and some text with marked keyword or phrase; the browser will open both the desired page and the recognized text of an appropriate article with marked keywords or phrases.
  • Alongside with the results of text search in the articles the results of search by headlines are separately displayed as well as the results of search for images (the search is performed by captions).