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Language: Ukrainian
Place of publication: Lviv
Dates available: 02.01.1917 - 30.08.1939
Issues available: 5109

A leading Galician newspaper, one of the oldest Ukrainian daily.

Dilo was published in Lviv during 1880–1939.

Editors: M. Kossak, M. Zhelekhivs′kyĭ, V. Barvins′kyĭ, V. Pidliashets′kyĭ,

A. Horbachevs′kyĭ, I. Beleĭ, K. Kakhnykevych, M. Strusevych, V. Okhrymovych,

O. Borkovs′kyĭ, I. Levyts′kyĭ, L. Tsehel′s′kyĭ, V. Bachyns′kyĭ, V. Kushnir,

V. Paneĭko, O. Kostyk, F. Fedortsiv, O. Kuz′ma, D. Levyts′kyĭ, I. Rudnyts′kyĭ,

V. Mudryĭ, D. Kohut, O. Kostyk, I. Nimchuk, I. Kedryn-Rudnyts′kyĭ (1938–1939).

Editors in chief: V. Bachyns′kyĭ, V. Tselevych, O. Kuz′ma,

V. Mudryĭ (1924), O. Kostyk (1924–1925).

Publishers: M. Kossak, V. Barvins′kyĭ, А. Horbachevs′kyĭ, I. Beleĭ,

V. Okhrymovych, I. Levyts′kyĭ, O. Borkovs′kyĭ, L. Tsehel′s′kyĭ,

vydavnycha spilka «Dilo» (1911–1939).

The amount of pages: from 4 to 8 (in 1936 from 10 to 12).